List of frequently asked questions:

I plan to buy an external motor, and I have already asked your employees about Honda. What is your recommendation regarding motor oil?
The oil that we strongly recommend is “Quick Silver 10 W 30”.Purchasing a motor in our shops -customer gets oil gratis. We advise customers to consult the label and the instructions on each product before the usage of it.
I have bought a “Cressi” diving mask in your store in Herceg Novi but it keeps fogging when I use it?
Mask condensation is a normal phenomenon when talking about diving masks because of the temperature difference between a man and the sea. In order to solve the problem we recommend you our “Antifog” spray ( cost: 7 euros).
What types of rope do you offer?
Knitted, spun, dipping, floating as well as ropes made of organic fibre.
I heard a couple of times about the spinning technique in fishing. I am interested in equipment necessary for it.
For the spinning technique, which is lately becoming more and more popular, light machines such as “Penn” or “Abu Garcia” are advised, as well as lure rods ( 2,4 - 3 m). Regarding lures a metal jig can be used, or surface and silicone lures ( “Yo zuri”, “Duel”, “Berkley”....)
Is there a cheap and efficient way of transfusing the fuel?
Yes, there are manual transfusing pumps- Dimension: ø14, retail price -16.97 euro.
I bought new fins in your store and they cracked after a few usages. Now they are useless.
Fins are made of a high quality material, and the rupture was caused by a probable misapplication. Fins shouldn’t be worn after exiting the sea, especially not for walking over rocks. They should be taken off before exiting the sea, so the hard surface doesn’t damage it.
I am a beginner, and I plan to buy spear gun. Could you, please, advise it is better to buy “air” one , or the one with rubber?
Although the rubber one is better, only the professionals use it, so we advise the air type. Thus, you can catch smaller fish, you can put a spear on it, and the service of it is cheaper. The rubber type is bigger, has wider range and it provides easier movements in the water.
A “Mitchel” rod, recommended by your employee in Bar shop broke in two pieces! What happened?
Breakage of the rod is usually caused by misapplication. The action of the rods was related to a range from 20 to 40 grams, and you probably used led of some bigger weight (50gr or similar) that would automatically break the rod.
I would like to clean inox boat parts . Which cleaning agent do you recommend?
There are several brands in our shops. We recommend inox polish and cleaning products like: “Clin Azur” 220 inox, chrome and copper polishing cream, (7,10 euro: 100 ml tube). “Star Brite” offers an inox and chrome cleaning “milk” (18,27 euro: 237ml ). There are also product by M3 Metal restorer and polish (300 ml for the price of 30,04 euro)
Do you offer certified ropes?
Yes, we offer ropes with factory certificate.
I have a teak wood deck boat. Previously, I used some home cleaning chemicals, but the teak lost its previous look. I saw three products from Star Brite brand. I kindly ask for advice which to use.
It is not recommended in any case to use anything but specialized liquids for cleaning and maintenance of teak wood. One is, certainly Star Brite, which offers three steps in maintenance and cleaning of teak wood. For the best results- we recommend all three products. First, Teak Cleaner should be used – cleans the teak and removes stains, if any, as well as the traces of weather condition (utterly safe to use, and it doesn’t contain acid) Second step is Teak Brightener which enlightens teak and restores previous natural colour. At the end we recommend “Teak Oil” which provides long lasting teak protection, UV protection and warm natural golden colour.
What kind of nets do you offer?
We have nylon nets - thickness from 0,20mm to 0,35mm, and thread nets of different thickness and dimension. We have nets called: popunica, barakuda, palandara, prostrica, gavunara... Our employees produce custom ordered nets. We have capacity of making standard and non-standard goal nets (water polo, handball, football..) basket and tennis nets etc. We also have made nets with hole dimension ø5 to ø10
Do you sell big game equipment?
In our retail shops, as well as in our new Marine Centre we offer Big game fishing equipment. We recommend multiplier as : PENN Squall, Senator or International which is a class in Pens offer. Regarding fishing rods we recommend “International”, “Senator” or “Ally”.

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